Liberation Psychology: The Future of "Cultural Competence"


NZPsS Members $60; NZPsS Students $30; Non-Members $110 a 90 minute webinar presented by Dr Broderick Sawyer (USA) The field of psychology has recently been making a push to have more cultural humility and competence. However, our Westernized, individualistic thinking styles run the risk of minimizing the impact systemic oppression has on the wellbeing of our patients from historically oppressed communities. In this presentation, Dr. Broderick Sawyer will unpack How individualism influences how we treat patients and conduct research, How "liberation psychology" can be used to validate experiences of oppression while still addressing individual problems, and How the concept of "countertransference" applies to cultural humility in psychology professionals. Broderick Sawyer Ph.D. Dr. Sawyer obtained his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Louisville, where he specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, race-based stress and trauma, and mindfulness and compassion-focused approaches to health. During his clinical internship at Stony Brook University, he received additional training in self-compassion, mindfulness meditation, psychodynamic approaches, and couple's therapy. Dr. Sawyer recently completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Louisville OCD clinic, where he gained extensive experience working with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is also the Director of the Racial Trauma Center: With an expertise in race-based stress and trauma, diversity and inclusion is central to Dr. Sawyer's work. He believes that each cultural experience individuals have are known only to them, which means that he must be attentive and open when listening to the lived experiences of all patients.

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